Artist statement:

Painting, drawing, and collage are my way of creating visual artifacts. I love old walls and structures that are eroding, showing many layers of history as they dissolve. Their surfaces and underlying architecture reflect the passage of time and a record of things rubbed against them or embedded in them, marks made on them, and of colors and images that once were clear but are now faded or lost. I am captivated by the snippets of information that are revealed. 

I typically work on several pieces at a time and treat each one as a puzzle where I add the next part that fits.  Beyond the visual experience of creating each piece as it evolves, there is the physical side of brushing paint, smelling paint, dribbling ink, tearing up interesting images I have found, or scrubbing the surface of a piece with paper towels or rags when I want a more ephemeral effect. It is a multi-faceted and intriguing process that never disappoints me.


I have lived in New Mexico for over 35 years and find it to be a continuing source of inspiration. I have a Master's degree in studio art from the University of Minnesota and have participated in many workshops ranging from painting and drawing to mixed media and collage. The opportunity to work with other artists in a learning situation is one I greatly value for exploring new ideas and expanding my understanding of artmaking.

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